Harcourt Education is a Global Education Company that serves children from pre-school to grade 12. At Partners In Learning, we utilize the Preschool and Kindergarten portion of this curriculum as it filters into most of the surrounding school districts in our area. Some of the subjects that our children learn about are Phonics, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Some program features are as follows:


            Phonological Awareness
            Explicit, Systematic Phonics
            Classroom Management
            Book and Print Awareness
            Letter-Sound Knowledge
            Reading Aloud


            Sort and Classify
            Numbers 1-30
            Number Patterns
            Money and Time
            Data, Graphing and Probability
Social Studies 

            Being A Good Citizen
            (Following the Rules, Working Together, Solving Problems, Why     
            Do We Have Rules, etc.)
            My Country
            (The Flag That We Have, Map Of Our Country, Symbols Of The
            U.S., Statue Of Liberty, Our State, Symbols Of California, etc.)
            (At School, Jobs In The Community, Picture Graphs, Working For
            Money, Choices When Buying, Jobs Today and Long Ago, etc.)
            Where We Live
            (Land and Water On Earth, Reading A Globe, Traffic Signs, Map
            Symbols, Models and Maps, Following A Route, etc.)
            (Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, One-Month Calendars, Months
            Of The Year, Year Calendars, Change Over Time, Presidents’
            Birthdays, etc.)
            Stories Of The Past
            (American Holidays, Reading Time Lines, Taking responsibility,
            Fact From Fiction, Colonial Life, Clues From The Past, etc.)


            Earth’s Land, Air, and Water
            Weather and Seasons
            Objects Around Us
            Investigating Water