How We Began
A History of Educational Commitment

Lorelle & MaureenWith more than twenty-five years in education, Maureen Fried set out to create a pre-school where young children would receive a high quality and enriched educational experience and where their parents could become active partners and participants in the educational journey of their children.  Today's parents shoulder enormous responsibilities and demands on their time in order to provide the best for their children.  Maureen knew that in order to accomplish her goals, her schools would have to have not only a superior curriculum for the children, but also continual communication with parents and many opportunities for each parent to become that important partner and participant in their child's learning.

The first Partners in Learning Preschool was opened in Burbank and within a very short time, the school philosophy was carefully established and a new curriculum was put to the test.  The children thrived as each new experience and fun adventure became standard fare for the new school.  Soon, another Partners in Learning was opened in Northridge and another in Chatsworth, followed by a fourth school located also in Burbank.  The Partners in Learning commitment to education, parent involvement and community participation was making a difference in hundreds of lives.