PaintingAt Partners In learning, we implement inclusion as part of our daily curriculum. This means that no children are discriminated against no matter what their needs might be. We believe that all children should be given optimal consideration as unique individuals. By communicating with the family, the extended family, and additional resources, we design programs to accommodate the child’s specific needs. Our aim is that each child acquires a positive self-image and that a child who is treated with respect will learn to treat others with respect in return.

Some things that Partners In Learning will be helping to implement in the daily lives of these children will be sitting for a designated amount of time, communicating with peers and adults, selecting activities on their own, taking turns, responding to questions and demands, making choices, requesting things, and increasing their attention spans. At Partners In Learning, we feel that every child should receive the opportunity to be part of a “natural” school environment and all it has to offer. We will do everything to encourage positive social skills and help develop a sense of self-confidence.